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TTC Talks @ 1 - Informal Lunchtime CPD Sessions Introducing Therapeutic Approaches & Promoting Cross Modality Conversations

Members of The Therapy Clinic enjoy the inaugural TTC Talks @ 1 session.

This is the first instalment of a series of monthly lunchtime CPD sessions, starting off with a run of sessions to introduce members to the diverse range of therapy models we offer at The Therapy Clinic.

Kate West, Associate, gives her account of the talk:

“As part of our ethos to think creatively about an individual therapeutic pathways, tailored to the specific needs of an individual seeking help, we actively foster cross modality conversations.

As part of the introduction to Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) Rachel Singh and Jacqui Paterson had us all holding, smelling, stroking and analysing lemons – one of the mindfulness techniques they teach on the DBT programme.

It’s fascinating what you notice about a lemon if you’re given two minutes quiet time to entirely focus on one! And, of course when you’re entirely focused, then there’s no room in the mind for thoughts of past or future that can trigger anxiety, just staying in the here and now is calming.

As well as being fully present in the moment, we learnt to drop judgement of ourselves and others, and be more focussed on our goals in any given situation, ensuring effectiveness. We learnt that radical acceptance is also key to a quieter mind, that once we accept we can then move on.”

Mindfulness is just one module of the 4 that make up DBT. We look forward to further introduction in due course on Emotion Regulation, Distress Tolerance,  and Interpersonal Effectiveness.

Next up in the series of TTC Talks @1 is Ellie Carn’s introduction to brief or short term psychotherapy in May 2019.

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