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Cost-Sensitive Therapy – what does that mean?

The Therapy Clinic began in 2018 with Rose’s belief that we could offer something different for Psychotherapy and Counselling in Brighton and Hove. From the beginning, The Therapy Clinic has had a commitment to accessibility and affordability, without compromising on quality.

At The Therapy Clinic, we choose the term “cost-sensitive” rather than “low cost” when talking about therapy. This is because being on a limited budget should not mean getting a second rate service. What it does mean is that we provide the high quality of counselling, whilst taking account of people’s budgets.

We recognise that therapy is often not available to those who need it most. Cost is a factor in people finding therapy difficult to access. At The Therapy Clinic we have some low cost weekly therapy available from £20 per session.

To achieve this, the Therapy Clinic has a team of therapists working at different levels of qualification and experience. Every therapist who works at the clinic is here because of their abilities, and their shared commitment to our values. Counsellors with less experience are supervised by the Senior Associates. In addition to this, therapists with more experience also provide some reduced fee therapy, for those with more complex issues.

In addition to offering cost-sensitive counselling, we also see the value in innovative and evidenced based short-term therapy models. These shorter term approaches can also help make therapy available to people with limited budgets.

If you are considering therapy, get in touch or book online to come and discuss what we can offer to you.

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