Affiliated Therapists

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Our wider network of Affiliated Therapists are a diverse group of accredited and experienced practitioners who share our social enterprise values. Their specialist expertise in a number of different psychological therapies enables us to offer an extended range of cost sensitive counselling and psychotherapy options.

Paul is an experienced psychodynamic psychotherapist registered with the UKCP. 

His post graduate qualifications include a 4-year Master’s degree in Psychotherapy at Brighton university. Paul has  been working full time as a Psychotherapist since 2012 and since achieving accreditation he has also elected to continue with further studies including undertaking  more intensive Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy training and Supervision and completing a year’s study in mindfulness and integrative counseling. Throughout his career Paul has  maintained a focus on his own self-development through various pathways, including Men’s work, awareness circles and the work of Ken Wilber and integral development. 

As a psychotherapist Paul  is able to draw on his varied professional background  in business and social housing as well as his experience  and expertise in work with Adolescents and Families. He has a particular interest in the intersections of identity and experience and the ways in which we are formed both culturally and personally.

As an affiliated therapist with The Therapy Clinic he works with  both adults and adolescents (16-25) who present with a wide range of difficulties. He operates a non-discriminatory practice.

Sarah a chartered clinical psychologist with over 15 years experience working with adults with a range of mental health problems in the NHS. She is experienced in working with a range of presenting difficulties including anxiety, depression, stress, difficulties in relationships, self-harm, bereavement and loneliness. 

Sarah primarily works using Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) as a framework to enable her to help clients make sense of their difficulties in a compassionate and coherent way and then work with them to find ways out of unhelpful behaviours and patterns. Sarah is also a qualified EMDR therapist and she offers EMDR for trauma related difficulties that require an approach targeted to specific unhelpful memories. In addition she is trained to deliver Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) and she is able to integrate both these approaches into her work where helpful. 

Sarah is an accredited CAT supervisor and trainer and can offer individual or group supervision. She is registered with the British Psychological Society,  Association for Cognitive Analytic Therapy and The Health and Care Professions Council. 

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Clare  is a BACP accredited counsellor with a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling from Brighton University. Alongside her private practice she currently works in University Counselling Services. 

Before setting out on her counselling career  Clare worked in the charity sector working with adolescents . She facilitated workshops around drugs, alcohol, healthy relationships and issues around gender and identity. Working with up to 120 teenagers at a time on residential projects, Clare developed good listening skills and decided to embark on a counselling training. 

Clare’s subsequent work as a counsellor in the University sector, means that she has gained extensive experiences of working with a broad range of issues that arise in adulthood . She has a continuing interest in how our early experiences influence our behaviour in the present. Clare uses an integrative approach to suit the needs of the individual client and is able to draw  from a range of therapeutic models including psychodynamic and CBT. 

Clare is also a qualified Supervisor, so can offer individual or group supervision sessions to counsellors.

Claire is a Psychotherapist, Group Analyst and Supervisor. She has worked as a therapist for over 25 years in the NHS, Higher Education, Third sector and private practice. Claire trained originally to work psychodynamically with individuals. She then undertook a group psychotherapy training and is now an accredited member of the Institute of Group Analysis (IGA).

Her approach is psychodynamic and group analytic. She also draws from systemic, relational and sociological approaches. For example, she is interested in how childhood experiences of the family and other early groups can become repeated in later relationship dynamics.

Claire has been drawn to The Therapy Clinic because of its stated values and how these fit with her own commitment to providing accessible therapy through group work. It is her view that group psychotherapy offers an affordable, highly effective and unique opportunity to explore, deepen and change relationships to oneself and others.

Over the years Claire has enjoyed working with a diverse client group, including those from the LGBTQ+ and BAME communities. Having worked in the University sector she has longstanding experience of working with students and staff in academia.

Claire is also an experienced and qualified clinical supervisor offering individual and group supervision for therapists and other professionals. With a background in group analysis and group relations, Claire has an interest in organisational consultancy. She has experience of working with different organisations offering reflective practice supervision for staff at all levels. 

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