The Therapy Clinic, Psychotherapy & Counselling in Brighton & Hove, Seasons Greetings

The Therapy Clinic team would like to wish everyone a peaceful and restful Festive Period and a Happy New Year.


Rose’s idea for the Therapy Clinic came from a feeling that we could offer something different for Psychotherapy & Counselling in Brighton & Hove. A therapy clinic that did not compromise on providing the highest standards of affordable mental health care.

A few months in, the idea is taking shape and the Therapy Clinic is feeling busy and full of life.

As well as our Associates, we have a growing body of Counsellors, Psychologists, and Psychotherapists joining us in 2019. We  welcome therapists with wide ranging expertise including Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), substance misuse, and personality disorders. Trained in Person-Centred, Humanistic, CBT, DBT, and Psychodynamic therapy, we have therapists committed to providing cost-sensitive, professional, counselling options in Brighton and Hove, we are looking forward to a busy 2019!

Not everyone enjoys the festive season, for many it can be isolating, difficult, or remind us of what we have lost. We have been sharing amazing resources on our social media pages on how to survive the festive season, such as keeping the peace at family gatherings, managing the winter blues, or how to support others with mental health problems.

Whatever difficulties this festive period might bring for you, whether it is relationship problems, family issues, bereavement, problems with alcohol or food, or just feeling depressed or anxious and not knowing how to change, therapy is a great place to start working on your issues; our team is here to listen and support you.

You can book an initial consultation online through the website with one of our associates and start your therapy journey now.

See you in 2019.

The Therapy Clinic.

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